Daddy’s Cute Babe Gets Filthy With Well-Built Bloke Over Text


posh cute babeI may be young, but I’ve already had lots of dirty fun in my life. I don’t intend to slow down, and I don’t intend to marry and stick with one man. I’m open to all kinds of experiences, especially with naughty texting. I love texting because it fills my needs in a different way from having sex, when I can’t do the nasty in reality. Secrets are fun, and so is sexy texting!

My daddy takes good care of me, so I was sitting by my pool in the sun one day, fantasising. I had to be at home that day, and couldn’t go out to the clubs that night. So for me, fantasising while I’m texting and trading photos with a hot bloke is the next best thing to being there! While I was letting my imagination cook up a great fantasy, my mobile went off to let me know I had an opportunity.

It came in the form of a man a little bit older than I am who appeared from his photos to be very handsome and well built. I texted him a couple of my photos, and left little to the imagination. He began to tell me how hot he thought I was, and how he’d love to taste my wetness on his tongue. Bold! I loved the way he was not hesitant to tell me what he wanted, so I texted that I’d also love to taste his manhood. That was all it took to get us going at our own and each other’s bodies.

I was imagining what it would feel like to hold that heavy organ in my hand, and stroke it slowly at first, to tease him. I thought about how big the mushroom head was, and how I’d tease that with my tongue, and little wet French kisses. He loved it! He told me he couldn’t keep his hands off himself, and that made me touch my breasts, cupping them and playing with the nipples. They grew hard while I imagined him licking and handling them. My body was responding to my fantasy with him, as his was with me.

He texted that he had to slide that hard organ into my mouth right away, and I was game. I imagined licking it and teasing it first, but then treating him to an all out ferocious suction job. He could feel the pressure as his hardness was pulled back further and further into my mouth, towards my throat. At the same time, we imagined him treating my sweet spot to a licking all its own. His tongue would be talented and sure, touching my inner hot spots. I squirmed in pleasure, and placed a finger into my opening.

You can guess it didn’t take long before we were both on the verge of ecstasy. I was trembling and sweating at his words, so vivid that they made me physically feel the sensations he created. I gave as good as I got, and took him on a mind trip into the pleasures of mutual oral stimulation. His organ exploded as he texted saying he felt my heat and moisture on his tongue. He tasted it. He felt it. Then he exploded. That climax was wonderful for both of us, and for me it was as good as some I’d had in face to face experiences. Gotta love naughty texting!

Are you in the mood to have a very hot, very dirty texting adventure with a posh but naughty and experienced cute babe such as me? If so, just text me now!

Diary of a Sextflirt: Claire Bare