Aroused Classy Granny Enjoys Steamy Session With Young Man


classy granny teasingDo you ever wonder what a beautiful, classy granny like me talks about in conversations by mobile with younger men? Stick with me, and you’ll find out. I’m going to confess, I had a hot dirty text chat with a charming and horny young bloke recently, and I’m feeling in the mood to share it with you now.

We’d texted before, but hadn’t had much time to get down to the real business at hand. I seduce slowly at times, and the finesse adds an extra quality to my interactions. Yes, I have unabashedly been teasing this young bloke for weeks! One night, I decided that since I was very horny, he was going to get full-on ME.

I was wearing a silk robe with nothing underneath but a diamond necklace on a platinum chain, hanging enticingly right between my lovely breasts. We began our adventure by sharing some photos. He loved the one I sent him where I was in my favourite spread out position, with my fingers caressing the fiery stone lying between my breasts. In return, I was treated to the sight of him, with no shirt and no pants; just pulling down his underwear to expose half of what I could see was a smooth, thick organ. I was immediately rewarded with a vision of him handling that huge organ, his manly hands caressing his stiff member.

We texted back and forth for a while, our fingers flying over the keypads of our mobiles in our mutual excitement. He was on fire, and I was as close as I ever get to being out of control. It’s hard to text when your hands want to be somewhere else, pleasuring your own body! I was caressing my breasts and he was teasing the tip of his manhood with a finger softly making little circles directly above the edges of its mushroom shape. I lay back on my pillows and opened my legs wide, my silk robe falling to the sides. I texted that I was imitating my photo, and he should come and slip inside me. He texted me that he couldn’t wait, his hands were actually shaking with the anticipation. As we continued to text, we both simultaneously imagined him over me, his strong arms to either side, and me touching them with my fingertips, and urging him to press down onto me. With a gasp he couldn’t hear, I accepted his stiffness into me, and closed my legs and arms tight around his muscular body. I nearly felt him sink inside, moving his hips in rhythm with my own. Texting halted for a moment; we both reached a spine tingling point of no return, our hands working hard on our own bodies as we imagined the top of the climax.

After that experience, I was shaking too much to text him back. I finally told him that he was a fine young lover and deserved the best adjectives I could find to describe his talent. Which I did, while we recovered and sent each other more hot pictures. I realised during that experience that there are younger men out there who know exactly what to do with a sexy and horny GILF, and need no teaching.

I’m waiting to hear from you, if you think you can handle me. All you have to do is text me. Show me that there are young blokes who can please a classy older babe, and I’ll be your secret texting companion. All you need to do is pick up the mobile and start talking to me. Do it now!

Diary of a Sextflirt: Margo